Pachinko is a minigame accessed through the Arcade button in the Gem Shop. Reach Desert to unlock it.

How does it work?

Arcade probability

Graphical view of rewards probability

Launch Pachinko balls Arcade pachinko ball and watch them bounce and fall into various portals containing rewards. Get ready for the inevitable disappointment of landing right outside of the jackpot! 

You can stock up on 8 hours worth of balls (max 49), so make sure to collect them from time to time. Complete Tasks and level Pet Passives to increase balls generation rate. You can also buy 100 balls for 275 Gems.


Task Set 1

15 tasks, +2% balls / hour per task.

Task Screen Comments
Reach the Mountains Fight icon
Reach the Mist Fight icon
Reach the Dungeon Fight icon
Mine some Refractium Small mining icon
Mine some Godshard Small mining icon
Achieve level 99 Attack Train icon
Kill 10m Bandit Bobs Fight icon 2-13: Bandit Bob (13th monster of zone 2 )
Defeat Chaotic Sentinel Raids icon
Defeat Nightmare Demon Raids icon
Employ 6 Noble Tillers Tilling icon Noble Tillers unlock along with Purple Land
Harvest some Candypops Farming icon Botany plant 12
Brew a Purple potion Brewing icon
Defeat the Basilisk Small crusades icon Requires lvl 70 Crusades
Have 150 Crusaders Small crusades icon
Get 5 SSSS++ Contracts Contracts icon

Task Set 2

13 tasks, +3% balls / hour per task.

Task Screen Comments
Kill 99m Chaotic Bob 3 Fight icon 2-9: Chaotic Bob 3 (27th monster of zone 6)
Get a Shrine to lvl 16 Asylum Icon Shrines are shops that use traces in Asylum
Craft a cyber food Smithing icon Requires at least Warped Smithing
Defeat Occulon X Asylum Icon
Survive Emigdala Y Asylum Icon Do not kill it. Wait out the timer
Level Rift Rift to 30 Summoning icon
Achieve lvl 140 H2O Train icon
Defeat Gheist Small crusades icon Requires lvl 60 Crusades
Set 6 Tillers to crop 20 Tilling icon Crop 20 is Sammatian
Find the Civilization Secrets icon Visit Secrets for more info
Get a Hoops score of 20 Secrets icon Visit Secrets for more info
Reach the Beach Trekking Icon Beach is Zone 3 of Trekking
Hatch a purple egg Hatchery Icon

Task Set 3

9 tasks, +5% balls / hour per task.

Task Screen Comments
Unlock all 16 Tperks Small gym icon
Overgrow Sunburst to 25 Farming icon
Defeat a Bell 11 boss Asylum Icon Ring bells in Nightmare difficulty fights
Achieve lvl 999 Strength Train icon
Equip a Crystal Skull Tinkering icon Requires lvl 99 Tinkering
Get 30 SSSS++ Contracts Contracts icon
Free Bob Research Icon

Level 'Our Best Friend' purple Tank to 540

and unlock Bob Perfume Godly Potion

Reach the Aberrant Trekking Icon Aberrant is Zone 8 in Trekking
Breed the Almight Hatchery Icon Almight is ID 45 Pet, last in breedable line

The Rewards

Odds per ball

Reward Chance/Amount
Loot APCoupon
AP Coupon 1/633
Loot AsylumKey
Asylum Key 1/122
Loot PachinkoBalls
Pachinko Balls 0.338
Loot BPCoupon
BP Coupon 1/6019
2hr candy
2h Candy 1/367
4hr candy
4h Candy 1/1679
8hr candy
8h Candy 1/3136
24hr candy
24h Candy 1/6019
72hr candy
72h Candy 1/10510
Card GreyStarCard
Grey Star Card 0.287
Card GreenStarCard
Green Star Card 0.133
Card BlueStarCard
Blue Star Card 0.018
Card PurpleStarCard
Purple Star Card 1/351
Card OrangeStarCard
Orange Star Card 1/1641
Safety Charm 1/3937
Lucky Donut 1/1772
Crystal Genesis 1/1772
Chaotic Mutator 1/1417
Benign Mutator 1/1363
1 of each Crystal 1/14013
Arcade GoldenBall
Golden Ball 4.041
Loot Gem
Gem 0.556
Currency BaseCoin
Current Monster Cash 0.2
Current Monster Kill 0.327
Raid Ticket 0.013
Jackpot (2000 Gems, Ball Cascade From Bronze Portal) 1/28725

Odds per portal

Lame Rewards

Reward Probability
50x Monster Cash 29%
8 Kills 26%
Grey Star Card 10%
Raid ticket 1%
Bronze Portal 34%

Bronze Rewards

Reward Probability
17 Kills 26%
Green Star Card 24.5%
2 Gems 13%
2 Grey Star Card 8%
Raid ticket 1%
2 Hour Candy 0.5%
Silver Portal 30.5%

Silver Rewards

Reward Probability
3 Grey Star Cards 18%
Blue Star Card 15%
8 Balls 16.5%
5 Gems 14.5%
1 Crusade Misc Item[1] 2%
4 Hour Candy 0.5%
Gold Portal 33.5%

Gold Rewards

Reward Probability
6 Grey Star Cards 19%
15 Gems 19%
15 Balls 18%
Purple Star Card 9%
Ascend Coupon 5%
8 Hour Candy 1%
Elite Portal 29%

Elite Rewards

Reward Probability
30 Balls 36%
15 Grey Star Cards 25%
75 Gems 18%
Orange Star Card 11%
2 Crusade Misc Items[1] 4%
24 Hour Candy 3%
Rebirth Coupon 3%

Divine Rewards

Reward Probability
75 Balls 40%
Asylum Key 23%
250 Gems 23%
72h Hour Candy 8%
1 of each Crystal 6%

King's Ransom

Reward Probability
2000 Gems and a Ball Cascade from the Bronze portal 100%
  1. 1.0 1.1 1 Benign Mutator (26%), 1 Chaotic Mutator (25%), 1 Crystal Genesis (20%), 1 Lucky Donut (20%), 1 Safety Charm (9%)

Other info

  • The ball has a 54% chance to go to the right and 46% to get to the left.
  • When launched, the ball have :
    • 59% chance to start on pin n°2
    • 23% chance to start on pin n°3
    • 18% chance to start on pin n°4

Golden Ball Shop

Everytime a ball falls into a portal you get golden balls ArcadeShop golden ball which can be spent on 6 permanent upgrades. The better the portal, the more golden balls you get.

Name Bonus per level Max
ArcadeShop damage Damage +3% Damage +x%
ArcadeShop kills Kills +0.5% Kills per Kill +x%
ArcadeShop cash Cash +5% Cash earned +4000%
ArcadeShop ascend Ascend +5% Bonus AP earned +x%
ArcadeShop crops Crops +4% Tilling Crops +800%
ArcadeShop rebirth Rebirth +2 Base BP earned +x%

During some events there are other, temporary upgrades that have a chance to drop event cards when invested in. The rewards are guaranteed when these upgrades are maxed. At these times golden balls are reskinned as some other type of currency.

Name Bonus per level Max Event Drops
ArcadeShop statue Statue +1% Card Chance ArcadeShop event fall Fall Card Statue
ArcadeShop candy Candy +0.5% Card Chance ArcadeShop event fall Fall Card MinuteCandyCard GoldCandy

Poker Cards

Every 22h you can collect poker cards. Launch balls until one of them falls into a portal marked with Poker reverse. When it does, you receive one of the 52 poker cards at random. Collect 5 cards to receive Gems, the amount of which depends on the power of your hand.

Known hands:

Name Gems Description Examples
Trash 5 Any hand that is not one of the combinations below is Trash Poker green 2Poker blue 3Poker red 6Poker green JPoker yellow A
Pair 10 Two cards of the same kind Poker green APoker blue APoker yellow 2Poker red 7Poker red 9
Two Pair 40 Two sets of two cards of the same kind Poker green APoker blue APoker green KPoker blue KPoker red 2
Trips 80 Three cards of the same kind Poker green APoker blue APoker red APoker yellow 7Poker green 9
Straight 125 A series of cards that follow each other, but not of the same suit Poker green 4Poker blue 5Poker red 6Poker yellow 7Poker green 8
Flush 200 Five cards that are all of the same suit Poker blue 3Poker blue 4Poker blue 7Poker blue 9Poker blue K
Full House 400 A combination of Trips and Pair Poker green APoker blue APoker red APoker green KPoker blue K
Quads 800 Four cards of the same kind Poker green APoker blue APoker red APoker yellow APoker green 9
Straight Flush 2.000 A Straight, but the cards are all the same suit Poker yellow 4Poker yellow 5Poker yellow 6Poker yellow 7Poker yellow 8
Royal Flush 10.000 A Straight Flush from 10 to Ace Poker red 10Poker red JPoker red QPoker red KPoker red A
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