Ascension becomes available once the Grasslands is cleared and is accessible through the Portal. Ascending will reset most levels and Fighting progress, but awards AP to spend on useful perks that will improve future runs. There are two kinds of perks, those unlocked by completing zones in Fighting and those unlocked by keys earned through completing Contracts.

Ascending does not reset Fishing and Mining resources, Cards owned Contract progress, Secrets, gift shop perks from Raids, or any levels and content in Crusades.

How to Earn AP Points

The amount of AP earned is determined by 5 sources:

  1. Total Kills
  2. Total Reps
  3. Total Ores Mined
  4. Total Fish Caught
  5. Total of all Skill Levels

There are also multipliers that boost the amount of AP earned:

  • Allocate perk points to the 8th blue perk, granting +4% AP per level, up to +40%.
  • Unlock the Pig's Head secret, granting +40% more AP.
    • Crafting Enigmatic Boosters from level 40 Smithing increases this bonus by 2% per level.
  • Unlock the level 70 Summoning AP Rift, which grants 25% + 5% per level AP gained on Ascension.
  • Craft the Bonus Reset AP trinket at level 70 Smithing, giving +2% AP per level.
  • Buy the Double AP bonus from the Gem Shop for 100 gems, adding +100% more AP per purchase.

AP Perk Tree

This is the complete list of all perks and the bonuses they grant, where 'n' stands for "times level".

Pink Keys Clear The Mist White Keys
Greedy fish.png
Star card rarity+.png
Excellent timing.png
Trinket tinkering.png
Skilltree overcharge.png
Mist collector.png
Banana bonk.png
Shoulder tap.png
Greedy Fish Star Card Rarity+ Excellent Timing Trinket Tinkering Skilltree Overcharge Mist Collector Banana Bonk Shoulder Tap
+0.3% fish caught per every multiple of 10 cash owned +2% chance for rare star card drops All skill cooldowns refresh +10% faster Trinkets give +5% more damage bonus Skilltree perks can be leveled to 1+

Note: Further upgraded by Rebirth

+0.1% crit damage for every mist card level Deals (3000 + 200)% damage, steals (800 + 75)% monster cash Distracts enemy (2 +0.2n) seconds, +100 crit chance, +(200 + 20n)% crit damage
Clear Mountains
Rift kickstarter.png
Mountain collector.png
Idle whirlwind.png
Weapon savant.png
Skill point bonanza.png
Skill max.png
Rift Kickstarter Purple Crystals Mountains Collector Idle Whirlwind Weapon Savant Skill Point Bonanza Blue Crystals Skill Max
Each upgrade adds

+1 starting level for every Rift

Each upgrade gives

+1 purple crystals

Each upgrade gives +0.1% more base damage for every mountain card level Idle attacks are +10% faster Weapons give +5% more base damage Leveling skills gives +10% more perk points Each upgrade gives +1 blue crystals +1 starting level for every skill
Green Keys Clear Desert Orange Keys
Counterfeit tickets.png
Candy freebies.png
Monster decimation.png
Idle torment.png
Monster laundering.png
Desert collector.png
Cashback guarantee.png
Star card limit+.png
Counterfeit Tickets Candy Freebies Monster Decimation Idle Torment Monster Laundering Desert Collector Cashback Guarantee Star Card Limit+
Each upgrade gives +5% chance to get 2x tickets every 2 hours Each upgrade reduces the free candy coupon every 2 hours Each upgrade adds 0.1 to every killed monster count Each upgrade adds +10% damages for each Idle Attack Each upgrade adds 50% of drop cash on Monsters Each upgrade gives +0.2% cash for every desert card level Each upgrade adds

+1% cashback on all cash spent and +10% starting cash when ascending

Each upgrade gives

+1 star card limit for every zone per day

Clear Grasslands
Starting perk points.png
Yellow crystals-1.png
Grasslands collector.png
H2o accuracy boost.png
H2o attack boost.png
H2o health boost.png
Copper hoarder.png
Starting Perk Points Yellow Crystals Grasslands Collector H2O Accuracy Boost H2O Damage Boost H2O Health Boost Red Crystals Copper Hoarder
Each upgrade gives

+1 perk points

Each upgrade gives

+1 yellow crystal

Each upgrade gives +0.1% of max health for every grasslands card level Every H2O level gives +0.5% more accuracy Every H2O level gives +0.5% more damage Every H2O level gives +0.5% more health Each upgrade gives

+1 red crystal

Every multiple of 10 copper owned grants +0.5n% more ores mined

Perks Ascencion

Level 0 Level 1 Level Max
Candy Freebies 48 hours 46 hours 24 Hours
Counterfeit Tickets 0% 2x Ticket 5% 2x Ticket 100% 2x Ticket
Cashback Guarantee 0% Cashback

0% Starting Cash

1% Cashback

10% Starting Cash

30% Cashback

300% Starting Cash

Monster Decimation 1.0 Kill 1.1 Kills ???
Skilltree Overcharge 0+Skilltree Perk 1+Skilltree Perk 5+Skilltree Perk
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