Fall Event

For the Fall event the Arcade was added with an Fall themed pachinko. During the event it was possible to earn leaves to spent on permanent bonuses and to get XXXevent exclusive cards. XXXX.

Easter Event

For the Easter event the Arcade was added with an Easter themed pachinko. During the event it was possible to earn eggs to spent on permanent bonuses and to get three event exclusive cards. Bluehero, Nest Egg and Blackhole. The pachinko persists after the event, and eggs was replaced with gold ball and permanent bonuses price have been reset.

Lunar Event

Featured in update version 2.15, the Lunar Event started on January 18th, 2019 and ended on February 10th, 2019. With the update boasting many quality of life changes like card decks, this event also offered its own improvements with offline tokens, better wheel spin rewards, and free sources for miscellaneous mutators. In customary fashion, the Lunar Event also rewards players with three new cards.

Card Bonus Source
Moon man
Moon Man Cultist Efficiency Bonus Wheel
Magic slab
Magic Slab Mining EXP Chance Magic Rock
Qqoxzle Base Damage Magic Rock

Token Drops

Lunar token

As with previous events, tokens have a chance to drop after killing any monster. The drop chance starts at 5% in Grasslands, increasing by 0.2% every monster until 12% at Grasslands Glitch 21. Similarly, the drop chance starts at 10% in Desert and increases by 0.2% per monster until Desert Wurm. All other zone enemies (except Vault) have the same 12% drop chance for Lunar Tokens.

Lunar Tokens have a 20% chance to be automatically collected if not clicked on.

Lunar and Bonus Wheel

This event features two reward wheels, where the second is spun only after landing on the bonus wheel section of the first. Each wheel spin costs 25 tokens, totalling 75 tokens needed to spin three times a day.

The daily spin limit can by increased from three to five spins for 450 Gems and five additional free spins can be purchased for 225 Gems, both from the Gem Shop.

All rewards on the spin wheel have a fair chance of being rolled on, the size of each slice being directly proportional to their respective chances. The following tables list the approximate chances of each reward:

Lunar Wheel Reward Chance
Lunar wheel
Bonus Wheel 4%
2x Extra Spins 10%
Starter Card Pack 7%
20x Gems 37%
+2% Permanent Damage 16%
10x Gray Star Cards 26%
Bonus Wheel Reward Chance Adjusted Chance (Total)
Lunar bonus wheel
500x Gem Jackpot 5% 0.20%
2x Safety Charms 10% 0.40%
3x Lucky Donuts 11% 0.44%
2x Candy Coupons 23% 0.92%
3x Legend Boosters 26% 1.04%
1x Orange Star and Moon Man Cards 25% 1.00%

Magic Rock

Magic rock

All surplus Lunar Tokens may be spent wishing upon a Magic Rock. Beginning at a cost of 2 tokens, each subsequent wish costs an additional token up to a maximum of 50 tokens. This cost resets back to 2 tokens every day, at the same time wheel spins reset.

Every wish has a 1/50 chance to drop a random level 2 card from a previous event, a 1/200 chance to award a level 2 Magic Slab card, and a 1/4000 chance to award a level 2 Qqoxzle card. If the card is already owned, then a green star card will be awarded instead.

Old Events

All old events have been archived to this page.

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