Gems are a currency in game which you can purchase for real life money and are used to buy various different items, services, and permanent bonuses.

Package Gems Purchased USD Cost
Pile of gems.png Pile of Gems 200 20 Kreds ($2)
Sack of gems.png Sack of Gems 600 50 Kreds ($5)
Chest of gems.png Chest of Gems 1500 100 Kreds ($10)
Mountain of gems.png Mountain of Gems 4000 200 Kreds ($20)

Free Gems


The quickest and easiest way to earn up to 60 gems is by clicking on lavaflame2's Youtube, Discord, and Twitter links on the "Buy Gems" page.


Once you've unlocked the second Contract shop, it's possible to buy a +2% chance per level (up to 20%) for a gem to drop in any Raid/Asylum encounter. With 12 tickets earned daily, this averages out to 2.4 gems per day, or 4.8 gems with a maxed out Counterfeit Tickets AP perk.


Seasonal events award some amount of Gems after spending event currency gained by farming monsters. The Lunar and Christmas event has a chance to earn both small and large sums of gems, whereas the Spooktober and Thxgiving events had stores that sold small guaranteed amounts of gems.

Gem Portal

The Gem Portal is a special Rift in Summoning that can be activated once for 500 Gems. While not exactly "free", the Gem Portal acts as an investment that returns a net gain of 1,000 Gems.

Pachinko Arcade

One can earn free Gems through the Arcade rewards, earning small amounts of Gems. If one is lucky to get the Gem Jackpot from the Arcade, they instantly get 2000 gems and the procession of balls can get you more gems.

[3.10] You also can get playing cards in Pachinko to boost gem count. Suits are Stars, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades. Getting a 5-card Poker hand can get you at least 5 gems for a High Card hand (called trash in-game), but getting a Royal Straight Flush gets you 50 thousand. This has a cooldown of 22 hours.

Hoop Challenge

Through the Hoop Challenge Secret recently added to the game, a person can earn Gems according to their performance up to a maximum of 50 per day.


This zone may be accessed anytime after you unlock Bog for a duration of 60 seconds but is locked afterward and reopens after a one day cooldown period. You can get rewards such as gem and other stuff.


Your First 3 rebirths give you 150, 100, and 50 gems for your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rebirth respectively.


The second Yellow Tank's first perk sometimes gives gems when it levels up.

Purchase Guide

This is simply a rough idea of what's best, it does not mean you have to get the best things first and none of the other things until the best things are maxed out.


Here are the priorities for gem purchases:

0 - Godly potions - Ignore this if you don’t have a crazy amount of gems to spend. If you are p2w, godly potion coupons are the best way to get strong fast, giving crazy boosts that are completely beyond reach for a new player, with the downside of being RNG reliant. Press the odds button in the gem menu for odds.

1 - Infinity forge - Best gem purchase straight up, not having to worry about forge recharge time is amazing.
2 - Gem rift - Invest 500 gems to get 1500 gems, 1000 gem profit, easy buy.
3 - Shiny vat - Research is really good, and shiny vat's initial bonuses are really good. Can be upgraded further, but gets less efficient the higher you upgrade it, I would recommend not upgrading it much at all unless you have most other gem purchases.
4 - Star card slots - Cards are amazingly versatile and provide huge boosts to almost every part of the game.
5 - Double AP - AP is always super good. Get 2-4 of them if possible, but one or two will be just fine.
6 - Golden nest - Getting new pets gets very hard, this makes it easier.
7 - Arcance carpet - Trekking genes and combos are really good, and this double dips on value and number.
8 - Eternity cauldron - When you reach farming, you will want at least one of these for the 30% chance to double brew, and for the x4 speed to discover new potions and brew ones you have.
9 - Double BP - Obviously only once you have access to rebirth. Get one or two, after that it gets less efficient.
10 - Crystals - Crystals are really good, but getting the optimal setup with crystals costs thousands of gems, so with a budget purchase one set of Supreme crystals, then Premium crystals, then 3 slots for apothecary. Repeat this order until you have 6 of each crystal purchase and all apothecary/mining slots and you’ll have the optimal setup. For a more budget option just buy a few of everything.
11 - Mystical tiller - Pretty simple, more crops, and crops are the biggest hurdle for potion-making.
12 - Friendly mushrooms - Flowers aren't that hard to obtain compared to crops, so I don't recommend getting more than a couple of these.
13 - Scavenger’s Wit - Asylum shrines are really good, so boosting your trace gain is also really good.
14 - Hyper spiriting - More souls, more rift levels, more goodness. It can help you get over the initial hurdle of getting enough blue/purple/white to unlock new rifts.
15 - Overclocked glyphs - Very cheap for a decent boost, pretty gem efficient.
16 - Overlord miners - Ore gain is really good, the reason this is so low on the list is that compared to the highest mining kit, overlord miners are only about a 30% increase, for 420 gems. That's not very gem efficient.
17 - Second necklace slot - Only good once you get crusading/tinkering high enough to have two good necklaces.


  1. Deck linking - DO NOT BUY CARD DECKS OR TINKERING DECKS. In current patch, buying all deck links for 700 gems allows you to cheat the system by linking a locked deck to a screen and then visiting that screen. This switches to the locked deck, and if you go back to the card/tinkering screen, you can edit the locked deck and still receive benefits from it. Note that you'll have to set up a Raid looting deck before a Train deck, as raids dump you back onto the training screen automatically.
  2. Pet slots - you need a lotta pets get em good

Anything not on this list is probably not worth getting unless you have an obscene amount of gems

Gem Shop Items


Item Description Gem Cost Max. Amount
Shop random time candy.png
Random Time Candy

Get one random time candy

time candy is used to gain instant progress in a single area of   your choice

Some candies are rarer than others

Shop vault pass.png
Vault Pass

Instantly refresh the timer on the Vault (not available during Events)

Shop raid tickets.png
Raid Tickets

Gain 3 Raid tickets (not available during Events)

Shop overlord.png
Overlord Mining Kits Overlord miners are x2 faster and mine x2 amount 

This purchase gives you a single overlord miner

75 6
Shop infinity forge.png
Infinity Forge Grants infinite forge charges and doubles EXP in Smithing 200 1
Shop funny hat.png
Funny Hat Gives the fisherman  double fishing speed and fishing Exp 100

Time Candy

Time candy is used to gain instant progress in any single area. When buying candy, there's a chance to receive 5 different flavors: 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours, and 72 hours. It always costs 50 Gems to buy candy, but if you've earned Candy Coupons from Raid drops or the Candy Freebies AP Perk, then candy can be purchased freely without gems.

Candy Flavortext Roll Chance
2hr candy.png
2 Hour - 1 - 44 44%
4hr candy.png
4 Hour Not too shabby 45 - 70 26%
8hr candy.png
8 Hour Hey that's pretty good 71 - 88 18%
24hr candy.png
24 Hour I don't quite believe it 89 - 96 8%
72hr candy.png
72 Hour Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner 97 - 100 4%


Item Description Gem Cost Max. Amount
Shop 2x spirit.png
Double Spirit Exp

Gain +100% Spiriting EXP

Shop 2x summon.png
Double Summon Exp

Gain +100% Summoning EXP

Shop double ap.png
Double Ap

Permanently gain x2 AP every ascension

Each additional purchase gives +100% more ap

Shop hyperspiriting.png
Hyper Spiriting Gives one Cultist and one Acolyte double soul gain and double soul chance 70 8
Shop overclocked.png
Overclocked Glyphs Grants all Rifts +50% more EXP to Rift levels per cycle 40 1000
Shop gem portal.png
Gem Portal Gives you 150 gems per day for 10 days

That is a total of 1500 gems

500 1


Card packs are opened from the "Packs" button on the Cards screen. It is possible for card packs to award duplicate cards of an equal or lower rarity to those already owned and will automatically convert them to star cards. However, if a monster card is awarded then it means it replaced the one you already had with a higher rarity.

Item Description Gem Cost Max. Amount
Shop card slots.png
Extra Card Slot Opens up another slot for you to put cards into

You start with 3 Unlocked

100 10
Shop star cards.png
Star Cards Gain 12 gray, 3 green, and 1 blue star cards 100
Shop star cards+.png
Star Cards+ Gain 7 green, 2 blue, and 1 purple card with a chance for 1 orange card (if not, it is blue) 250
Shop starter pack.png
Starter Pack Gain 5 cards from Grasslands or Desert, up to blue rarity 75
Shop journerman pack.png
Journeyman Pack

Gain 5 Cards from Desert, Mountains, or the Mist, up to purple rarity

Includes a chance for a random boss card

Shop legend pack.png
Legend Pack

Gain 5 cards from Mountains, the Mist, or Dungeon, up to orange rarity

Includes a guaranteed random boss card



Item Description Gem Cost Max. Amount
Shop mystical tiller.png
Mystical Tiller Mystical Tillers works x2 as fast harvest x2 the crops and give a +25% crop bonus to all other tillers 150 8
Shop friendly mushrooms.png
Friendly Mushrooms These mushrooms will triple your flower growth speed 125 14
Shop eternity cauldron.png
Eternity Cauldron Eternal Cauldrons brew potion x4 as fast and also have +50% chance to triple lvl up a potion when brewing 175 6
Shop beginner potions.png
Beginner Potions 3 Coupons witch give a level 10 potion randomly selected from red to yellow rarity

Gives +10 Lvs if the potion is a duplicate

Shop sovereign potions.png
Sovereign Potions 3 Coupons witch give a level 15 potion randomly selected from yellow to cyan rarity

Gives +15Lvs if the potion is duplicate

Shop godly potions.png
Godly Potions 3 Coupons witch give a level 20 potion randomly selected from cyan to godly rarity

Gives +20 Lvs if the potion is a duplicate



Item Description Gem Cost Max. Amount
Shop misc bundle.png
Misc Bundle Gain 3 of every special mutator for a discounted gem cost 600
Shop safety charms.png
Safety Charms Gain 5 Safety Charms, which prevents booster failures costing upgrade slots 300
Shop lucky donuts.png
Lucky Donuts Gain 5 Lucky Donuts, which gives boosters +15% chance to succeed 250
Shop crystal genesis.png
Crystal Genesis Gain 5 Crystal Genesis, which have a 50% to double applied booster's bonus 250
Shop chaotic mutators.png
Chaotic Mutators Gain 5 Chaotic Mutators, which doubles mutator multiplier but cuts booster success chance by half 200
Shop benign mutators.png
Benign Mutators Gain 5 Benign Mutators, which guarantees mutators with a 1.0+ multiplier 200


Item Description Gem Cost Max. Amount
Shop second necklace.png
Second Necklace Slot Unlocks the second necklace slot 350 1
Shop pillager pack.png
Pillager Pack Gain 5 cards from Bruiser, Toxic Sludge, Killer Rabbit, Desert Giant, Pincermin, and Tremor Wurm Crusades, up to blue rarity

Includes a small chance for a Crusade boss card

Shop deus vult pack.png
Deus Vult Pack Gain 5 cards from Desert Giant, Pincermin, Tremor Wurm, Faust, Arachneon, Gheist, and Basilisk Crusades, up to orange rarity

Includes a good chance for a Crusade boss card

Shop card deck.png
Extra Card Deck Adds an additional deck slot for card sets, tinker sets and 5 additional slots for Pets

NOTE: DO NOT BUY CARD/TINKER DECKS, see Gem Purchasing guide above for more info

Shop 2x crusade exp.png
Double Crusade EXP Gain +100% more Crusade EXP 150
Shop 2x tinker exp.png
Double Tinkering EXP Gain +100% more Tinkering EXP 150


Item Description Gem Cost Max. Amount
Shop crystal slots.png
Crystal Slots Unlocks all 3 slots for one thing

Choose between cauldron or rock

You can buy 6 of them for each one

250 6 / 6
Shop premium crystals.png
Premium Crystals 1 Green Crystal 1 Orange Crystal

Green gives: +100% Exp, +100% Production, +50% Double Chance

Orange gives: +20% Boost to all other crystals

Shop supreme crystals.png
Supreme Crystals 1 Pink Crystal 1 Black Crystal

These affects all adjacent cauldrons

Pink gives: +200% Cauldron Speed , +200% Mining Exp

Black gives: -40% Potion Cost, +200% Mining Ores

Shop double bp.png
Double BP Permanently gain twice as much BP

Each additional purchase gives +100% More BP

350 5
Shop extra crystals.png
Extra Crystals Includes 1 Yellow, 1 Red, 1 Purple, 1 Blue CrystalYou can earn these for free by playing. 100
Shop rebirth scrolls.png
Rebirth Scrools 3 Coupons that give all unearned BP without needing to rebirth

Includes 1 bonus AP Coupon

"Rebirth Required to buy again"

450 2/∞


Item Description Gem Cost Max. Amount
Shop asylum keys.png
Asylum Keys 5 Asylum keys used to be fight asylum bosses 55
Shop scavengers wit.png
Scavengers Kit Permanently gain twice as many shrine items

Each additional purchase gives another +100% bonus

325 7
Shop pachinko balls.png
Pachinko Balls 100 Balls to use in the pachi arcade 275
Shop trauma pack.png
Trauma Pack Gives 5 cards

Cards from zone 6 or 7 and can be up to blue rarity

Good chance for an asylum card up to low quality

Shop insanity pack.png
Insanity Pack Gives 5 cards

Cards from zone 7 or 8 and can be up to purple rarity

Great chance for an asylum card up to high quality

Shop psychosis pac.png
Phycosis Pack Gives 5 cards

You can get several asylum boss cards in a single pack up to orange rarity

Guaranteed at least one asylum card up to best quality



Location Affected Item Description Gem Cost Max. Amount
GemPurchase GoldenNest.png
Golden Nest Gives :

4x Faster Hatching speed 3x Chance to create rarer Eggs 3x Bonus to Hatching  new pets

375 6
GemPurchase AranceCarpet.png
Arcane Carpet Used by support pets.

Gives x2 Effect for Pets genetic on this carpet, and count for 2 in Trekking combos

525 4
GemPurchase DiamondPiping.png
Diamond Piping Lets you change 1 Piping into Diamond Permanently.

Diamond Pipes give the Connected Tank: x4 RP Gain, +200% for Double LV, x3 RP Effect

225 45
GemPurchase HyperEggCoupon.png
Hyper Egg Coupon Have a chance to hatch an Exquisite Boss Pet 

Otherwise you get a 30% chance to hatch new pet

GemPurchase DoubleVessels.png
Double Vessels Each additional purchase gives +100% more Vessel  450 6
GemPurchase ShinyVat.png
Shiny Lab Vat Unlocks The Shiny Lab Vat. Gives:

x2 RP Gain Bonus  +50% x2 Level Chance +100% Research Exp

675 1


Item Description Gem Cost Max. Amount
Shop desolator.png
Desolator Gives individual spelunkers to: x5 Speed, x4 Dig down amount,

+2 Additional treasure bags every extraction

375 8
Shop sentinel canary.png
Sentinel Canary Each bird gives one spelunker: x4 Learning rate

Double absorb powers (You can absorb twice instead of just once)

350 8
Shop iodized builder.png
Iodized Builder These builder's have: x3 Building speed,+10% speed every construction level instead of +2%

Also gives immediate acces to the builder

325 10
Shop 6 star pack.png
6-Star Pack Gives 5 star cards all of 6 star rarity

These cards can be from anywhere in the game.

(Tunnel cards are more likely to be gotten)

33% Chance per pack to get a Raid / Asylum Boss

Shop fabled potions.png
Fabled Potions 3 Coupons witch give a level 15 potion randomly selected from first 24 darkmode potions

Gives +15 Lvs if the potion is a duplicate

Shop timeless potions.png
Timeless Potions 3 Coupons witch give a level 20 potion randomly selected from last 24 darkmode potions

Gives +20 Lvs if the potion is a duplicate

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