The mastery tree is accessible from the Portal Menu.

Mastery Tasks

There are 10 sets of 20 tasks. Every set unlocks with its corresponding Zone and this is when you can begin to complete its Tasks - any action done earlier does not count. Every completed task gives you a quantity of mastery points varying on the set. The maximum number of points one can earn is 1100.

SET 1 (Desert)

1 Mastery Point per Task
Task Screen Comments
Open up the mastery task list Mastery Icon
Defeat A monster... Literally Fight icon 2-24: A Monster (24th monster of zone 2)
Mine Gold with miner 2 Mining icon
Hire the 3rd endurance skiller Gym icon
Complete a medium contract Contracts icon
Successfully boost an equipment Boosters icon
Upgrade the 2nd rift Summoning icon
Get a gold reward in the arcade Arcade Icon
Have a 3 star monkey card Cards icon 1-10: Monkey (10 monster of 1st zone)
Defeat the Defiled King Raids icon
Reach last grasslands glitch Fight icon Not Qoxzul, but Glitch 1-84.
Craft some Jellyfish Noodles Smithing icon
Set cultist B to orange souls Spiriting icon
Catch a boot 60 seconds after ascend Fishing icon
Get a bronze skull on Bored Bean Fight icon 1-12: Bored Bean (12th monster of zone 1), 100k kills
Defeat the Toxic Sludge Crusades icon Second crusade boss
Upgrade benching to Lv. 30 speed Gym icon 1st skiller of Gym.
Hatch a bear Hatchery icon And keep it.
Get H2O damage ascension perk to Lv. 19 Ascension icon
Collect all grassland cards Cards icon Don't forget Qoxzul's one, after glitches. (he is not needed for this)

SET 2 (Mountain)

2 Mastery Points per Task
Task Screen Comments
Hatch a bronze egg & keep the pet. Hatchery icon
Craft a Lava Liver Smithing icon Requires level 20 smithing.
Stare at me for 92 seconds Mastery Icon Just put away your device for a minute.
Equip viking horns Tinkering icon
Survive killer rabbit for 60 seconds Crusades icon Make sure to set it to difficulty 1 before trying...
Collect a green soul Spiriting icon
Own 100 Raid tickets at once Raids icon
Mine Firesalt on miner 3 Mining icon

Defeat the 2 Face Sentinel

Raids icon
Upgrade starting Mining Lv. to 13 Raids icon
Upgrade Swordsman to Lv.70 value Dojo icon
Buy a contract shop 1 upgrade Contracts icon
Reach Gold Bloque in vault Fight icon

This is in Vault 1 (Grasslands)

Have a 4 star Mimic card Cards icon 2-19: Mimic (19th monster of 2nd zone)
Open a valve to a red tank Research icon 3rd tier of tanks
Defeat the final desert glitch Fight icon Glitch 2-71
Catch a shark Fishing icon Medium tier fish
This one's on the house buddy Mastery Icon This one is autocompleted on set unlock
Own more than 42 gems at once Gems icon
Collect the King X card Cards icon

SET 3 (Mist)

3 Mastery Points per Task
Task Screen Comments
Defeat the final mountain glitch Fight icon Glitch 3-52
Upgrade feaster to Lv. 75 speed Fields icon 4th trainer on field
Mine 1b ore in total Mining icon
Own 50k AP at once Ascension icon
Reach the jungle in trekking Trekking icon
Get an elite reward from arcade Arcade Icon Purple Level Reward
Have a 3 star mist mites card Cards icon
Get a 3x potion Lv. Up Brewing icon
Craft broken dagger to Lv.100 Smithing icon
Catch a jumbo Shrimp Fishing icon
Defeat Pincermin Crusades icon
Use a candy on smithing LOL Candy icon
Hatch a slime with 2 HP genes Hatchery icon
Equip the Flame Dagger Tinkering icon
Unlock the 4th rift Summoning icon
Defeat Emigdala in the Asylum Asylum Icon
Be blessed by deaths son Secrets icon
Find the lord of the flies Secrets icon
Get 25 gems from hoops in 1 day Hoops icon
Ascend within 5 minutes of ascending Ascension icon

SET 4 (Dungeon)

4 Mastery Points per Task
Task Screen Comments
Get a 9 gene combo in trekking Trekking icon
Get threatened by little lava Portal icon Talk to little lava until he threatens you... (can take quite a long time)Threaten portal mini lava
Get a gold skull on Zombie BOB Fight icon 2-22: Zombie BOB (22nd monster of zone 2)
Grow a plant to OG 16 Farming icon (OG: OverGrowth)
Defeat Occulon Asylum Icon
Complete an Ungodly contract Contracts icon Tier 7 Contracts, unlocked with Rebirth.
Equip the ancient Skirt Tinkering icon
Defeat Demon Z in 1 second Raids icon
Use a 72 hours candy Candy icon
Brew a cyan potion in cauldron 5 Brewing icon
Reach the final Dungeon Noob Fight icon Noob 5-56 (56th monster of zone 5)
Boost an equipment to 250% Boosters icon
Hatch a pencil Hatchery icon And keep it.
Defeat difficulty 50 Faust Crusades icon
Get trips in the arcade cardgame Arcade Icon
Get a white soul Spiriting icon
Use the haste buff Fight icon Unlocked by talking to mini-lava on portals.
Upgrade Streetz to Lv.100 speed Dojo icon Last trainer of dojo.
Fish up the great clam Secrets icon Fisherman's secret.
Till Yolk 5 minutes after rebirthing Tilling icon Egg Yolk is the orange cabage, 10th crop.

SET 5 (Purgatory)

5 Mastery Points per Task
Task Screen Comments
Turn your H2O bar green Train icon Reach Lv.100 H2O
Collect all desert cards Cards icon
Defeat difficulty 70 puppeteer Crusades icon
Complete set 1 arcade tasks Arcade Icon Bronze set
Craft platinum trinket to Lv.10k Smithing icon Wait for smith break
Earn 10b H2O exp. per minute Train icon (or more)
Own 250b Dirt Tilling icon
Defeat Scallius Asylum Icon
Get a divine reward from arcade Arcade Icon Red Tier Reward
Mine Anodizia with miner 2 Mining icon 18th ore, needs 9th tier BP purchase.
Tap on the long green arrow Help icon Help - Smithing tab
Survive Arachneon for 60 seconds Crusades icon Make sure to set it to difficulty 1 before trying...
Reach the willows in trekking Trekking icon
Find the tiny civilization Secrets icon
Grow the final botany plant Farming icon The so-called "Sunburst".
Upgrade a shrine to Lv.35 Asylum Icon
Get plasma cash (green money) Fight icon (plasma cash: green money, 2nd tier)
Equip the blood screamer Tinkering icon
Get cauldron 1 to 200k speed Brewing icon
Set Acolyte H to white souls Spiriting icon

SET 6 (The Bog)

6 Mastery Points per Task
Task Screen Comments
Get rift rift to Lv.70 Summoning icon
Invest 1m RP in green tanks Research icon
Have an idle speed of 0.02 seconds Fight icon Make sure to remove some levels of heavy cash.
Boost an equipement to 750% Boosters icon
Get plasma cash from 1 kill Fight icon (plasma cash: green money, 2nd tier)
Have over 10k% shields Fight icon Canned Shield Potion helps the most
Hatch a 2* rad gene shroom Hatchery icon
Get All dungeon cards to 5 star Cards icon
Ascend within 1 minute of ascending Ascension icon
Defeat difficulty 75 Narcissus Crusades icon
Collect 10k crusade candy Crusades icon Last loot of Blobulytes.
Defeat Gorshank Asylum Icon
Get a diamond skull on Mudnut 1 Fight icon 100m kills on 7-1: Mudnut 1 (1st monster of zone 7)
Equip the divination eye Tinkering icon
Have 200 total crusaders Crusades icon
Brew a god potion in cauldron 6 Brewing icon
Get endurance to Lv.300 Train icon
Get the emigdala X card Cards icon
Get 500b cash from a mushroom Fight icon Defeat 1-1: Mushroom with a large enough cash multiplier.

SET 7 (Lunar Isle)

7 Mastery Points per Task
Task Screen Comments
Hatch a platypus Hatchery icon
Get lava cash (red money) Fight icon
Tap the scent Tinkering icon Perlea scent secret
Kill 25 singularities Fight icon Singularities are the "Death" monsters of Purgatory. If you can't die to purgatory monsters, let Gorshank 11bell put you against singularities. Or wait for Crypt to time out.
Get hatchery to Lv.70 Hatchery icon
Reach the canyon in trakking Trekking icon
Mine Djinn with miner 6 Mining icon 20th ore, needs to buy 10th tier smithing with BP.
Defeat difficulty 100 Narcissus Crusades icon
Mine 50b ores per minute Mining icon
Get Lv. 999 fishing Fishing icon
Get a total potion Lv. of 10k Brewing icon Does not count the levels of darkmode potions
Reach PuttPutt in Crypt Fight icon Crypt is the Vault for Purgatory.
Get all purgatory cards to 5 star Cards icon
Get 100 kills in a single kill Fight icon
Boost an equipement to 1250% Boosters icon
Complete set 2 arcade tasks Arcade Icon Silver tasks.
Own 500k BP at once Rebirth icon
Craft Stabby Thing to Lv.5m Smithing icon 4th tier weapon, green one.
Reach crystal fish display Fishing icon Fish lots of QQ fish.
Get the Gorshank Z card Cards icon

SET 8 (Maelstrom)

8 Mastery Points per Task
Task Screen Comments
Complete a Lavathian contract Contracts icon Contract tier 9, must be bought with BP.
Open a valve to a white tank Research icon 8th tank tier.
Boost away gain rate up to 85% Misc.
Reach "E" in Crypt Fight icon
Defeat Occulon at bell 3 Asylum Icon
Collect 999Q crusade wood logs Crusades icon
Upgrade a shrine to Lv.50 Asylum Icon
Grow a plant to OG 135 Farming icon Make sure to use OG time reduction
Rebirth for 100k BP Rebirth icon
Have 500 total crusaders Crusades icon
Use the vampire attack move Fight icon Secret unlocked in Asylum
50m RP invested in purple tanks Research icon
Own 10QQ copper ore Mining icon
Mine warpium 3 minutes after rebirth Mining icon
Boost an equipment to 3k% Boosters icon 3k% is the pearlescent tier treshold.
Collect all raid cards Cards icon
Get a tree perk to Lv. 200 Perks icon Only possible on infinite perks with 20k skill points.
Get flower pot 1 to Overlevel 10 Farming icon Mythic pot (red) levels.
Get all 4 occulon cards Cards icon 8

SET 9 (Oblivion)

9 Mastery Points per Task
Task Screen Comments
Get cool cash (blue money) Fight icon
Kill an incarnate Fight icon 10-22: Incarnate 1 (10T recquired kills)
Craft Cuttokillicus to Lv. 1b Smithing icon Warped (9) tier weapon. May be bugged and not complete.
Get cauldron 6 to 100T speed Brewing icon
Get a hoops highscore of 37 Hoops icon
Rebirth within 3 minutes Rebirth icon
Get tilling land 1 to Overlevel 13 Tilling icon
Collect All Asylum cards Cards icon
Complete set 3 arcade tasks Arcade Icon Gold tasks.
Defeat Gorshank 11 in 4 seconds Asylum Icon 4 seconds or less
Reach "EZ" in Crypt Fight icon
Buy out Contract shop 1,2 & 3 Contracts icon
Get mack attack to Lv.750 Brewing icon Mack attack is the first red potion.
Have 6 9*genetics combos  Trekking icon Not currently possible
Complete an ice cream Orders icon
Get a prestige 7 nest Hatchery icon Only counts the first nest
Get a tank bonus to Lv.1000 Research icon Also known as Max Level
Defeat difficulty 200 Narcissus Crusades icon
Get 777B AP in a single ascention Ascension icon
Grow Sunburst in 1 second Farming icon

SET 10 (Icecream 1)

10 Mastery Points per Task
Task Screen Comments
Be recognized as the legend 27 Orders icon Finish all 7 Icecreams
Reach a TeeHee in 6 minutes Fight icon
Get a combined farming lv of 1750 Farming icon
Boost all T5 equips to pearlescent Boosters icon
Reach monster 200 in aberrant Trekking icon
Get 9 star nova damage Fight icon
Get 9 star cool cash Fight icon
Defeat difficulty 275 Narcissus Crusades icon
Get Lv.350 mining Mining icon
Get a total potion Lv. of 56789 Brewing icon Average potion Lv. of 536.

Does not count the levels of darkmode potions

Not sure yet... Arcade Icon Get a pachinko jackpot
Get total trainer Lv. of 60k Train icon
Rebirth within 30 seconds Rebirth icon
Get inf Rebirth perks to Lv.250 Rebirth icon
Get Lv.1500 H2O Train icon
Upgrade a shrine to Lv.70 Asylum Icon
Reach the end of the Crypt Fight icon
Hatch a 3* loot gene Almighty Hatchery icon
Diamond skulls on 1st 250 mobs Fight icon
Get every card to 5 star Cards icon

Mastery Tree Perks

Mastery points can be spent to buy permanent upgrades. There are 3 categories and each of them splits into 3 branches. Upgrading each perk in each branch once costs 550 mastery points. There are 125 masteries in the mastery tree.
Mastery doubler

Once a whole category is bought out, it can be upgraded again. Every completion colors the perks correspondingly (yellow > green > purple > blue). Mastery perks cannot be reset by any means.

You can buy mastery perk points Doubler for 900 Loot Gem. It doubles all Points and allows to upgrade each category 4 times, instead of initial 2. As it works retroactively, you do not have to worry about losses.

Fight Tree

Perk Total Cost Bonus Total Effect
Mastery fight 1
Damage 140%
Mastery fight 2
Crit Damage 68%
Mastery fight 3
Cash 248%
Mastery fight 4
Idle Damage 20%
Mastery fight 5
Accuracy 140%
Mastery fight 6
Extra Kills 108%
Mastery fight keystone1
80 Dmg per Hatchery level 4%
Mastery fight keystone2
48 Cash 240%
Mastery fight keystone3
40 Total Damage 120%

Collect Tree

Perk Total Cost Bonus Total Effect
Mastery collect 1
144 Ores Mined 332%
Mastery collect 2
60 Fish Caught 168%
Mastery collect 3
84 Crop Gain 184%
Mastery collect 4
76 Flower Gain 172%
Mastery collect 5
32 Soul Gain 96%
Mastery collect 6
44 Vessel Gain 80%
Mastery collect 7
56 Crusade Materials Gain 132%
Mastery collect keystone1
40 AP Kept when Rebirthing 28%
Mastery collect keystone2
48 Chain Level Chance 12%
Mastery collect keystone3
80 Faster Ticket and Key Gain 28%

Variety Tree

Perk Total Cost Bonus Total Effect
Mastery variety 1
24 Lower Smith Cost 28%
Mastery variety 2
76 Starting levels +24
Mastery variety 3
72 Booster Odds 7.2%
Mastery variety 4
28 Pet Skills EXP 68%
Mastery variety 5
68 Pet Travel Speed 64%
Mastery variety 6
20 Brew Speed 28%
Mastery variety 7
96 Green Merits +24
Mastery variety 8
52 AP Gain 68%
Mastery variety 9
56 BP Gain 64%
Mastery variety 10
64 Pet Damage 44%
Mastery variety 11
72 Nest Speed 84%
Mastery variety keystone1
40 Levels Every 100 Levels +12
Mastery variety keystone2
48 Cashback on Upgrades 40%
Mastery variety keystone3
80 Away Gains 20%
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