Similar to Ascension, but a more advanced way to earn additional permanent bonuses, but at a greater cost to current progression. The Rebirth screen becomes available after clearing The Mist and is also accessible through the Portal. This feature uses a separate currency called BP, and while some perks are locked behind unlockable cyan keys and the preceding zone lock, almost every proceeding perk requires a certain amount of BP be spend in preceding perks. You cannot use any Cyan Keys without getting to the Lunar Isle area first, whereas you can use all 4 when getting to Maelstrom.

In addition to everything Ascension resets, Rebirth also resets all skills levels except those from CrusadesPets and Construction content, resets resources owned from Tilling, Botany, Mining, and Fishing, and lastly resets all unspent AP.

How to Earn BP Points

The amount of BP earned is determined by:

  1. Total Perk Levels from Tillers and Botany Pots, capping at 1250 BP.
  2. Total Number of Botany Flowers Discovered, capping at 576 BP.
  3. Total Number of Unspent Tilling Crops, capping at 750 BP.
  4. Unspent AP, capping at 1500 BP (at around 5.5B AP).
  5. Highest Monster Reached, capping at 5000 BP.
  6. Miscellaneous bonuses:
  • Cards:
    • C the banished Purgatory-13, The Banished - base BP upon Rebirth (up to 30 BP),
    • C mushketeer TheBog-5, Mushketeer - base BP upon Rebirth (up to 40 BP),
    • 8 - Funni Boi LunarIsle-8, Funni Boi - base BP upon Rebirth (up to 50 BP),
    • C tubular Oblivion-11, Tubular - base BP upon Rebirth (up to 240 BP).
  • Bp straight up Craft the BP Straight UP, at level 90 Warped Smithing (up to 1000 additional base BP).
  • ArcadeShop golden ball Spend golden balls in Arcade for more base BP (+2 per level, up to ?).

Other multipliers

  • Pet Passives:
    • Pet Spirit ID15 Spirit, 15% BP per level,
    • Pet Hyduck ID42 Hyduck, 60% BP per level.
  • Research Tanks:
    • Tank Pink Pink Tank 4, bonus 2,
    • Tank Purple Purple Tank 3, bonus 2,
    • Tank Blue Blue Tank 1, bonus 2,
    • Tank Blood Blood Tank 3, bonus 2.
  • TPerk BP Training Perk no.11, 2% BP per level (up to 198%).
  • InfPerk 05 Infinity Perk, 1.5% BP per level (unlimited).
  • Ap rift AP Rift Pro, unlocked through Construction (up to 226.9%).
  • Contracts icon Each level of the second perk from Shop 4 in Contracts grants 3% extra BP when Rebirthing, up to 33% (+30% withDairyAisle ContractPerfectionist).
  • Buy the Double BP bonus from the Gem Shop for 350 gems, adding 100% more BP per purchase, up to 5 times for a maximum bonus of 500%.

You can redeem Loot BPCoupon BP Coupons to immidiately receive BP as if you have Rebirthed, but without resetting the progress. They can be bought in Gem Shop or dropped in Asylum and Crypt.

BP Perks

Reach Dungeon
Warped Smithing
BP SmithTier9
Training Perks
BP T-Perks
Warped Smithing
BP Contract7
BP Kills
BP CrystalSlots
Warped Smithing Training Perks Ungodly Contract Skull Crusher Crystal Slots
Unlocks smithing and mining tier 9
+1n% Smithing Exp
Unlocks the other 10 training perks that you cannot get from ascending Unlocks ungodly contracts +10n% kills Unlocks crystal slots for apothecary and mining
Reach Purgatory
BP PurpleCrystal
BP CritToggle
BP H2oSmithing
BP YellowCrystal
BP H2oDmg
BP H2oApo
Purple Crystals Wasnt aiming for ya H2O Smith Reeeeeedux Yellow Crystals H2O Kapow Kazaw H2O Potion Damper
+1n purple crystals +1 max toggle, per toggle: -20% crit, +10% damage (damage is multiplicative with itself) -0.1% smithing scaling per H2O level over 100 (bugged: no effect) +1n yellow crystals +1n% damage per H2O level over 100 -0.25% potion cost scaling per H2O level over 100
BP TillingLvls
BP BotanyLvls
BP RedCrystal
Potato Veins Herbal Legalization Red Crystals
+1n tilling starting level +1n botany starting level +1n red crystals
Reach The Bog
BP BackdoorBog
BP SmithTier10
BP Resources
BP Contract8
BP Shop4
BP ApoLvls
Backdoor Bog Djinnic Smithing Oresome Fishtastic Cerebral Contract Contract Shop 4 Apocathery Canary
Can only rebirth after reaching bog, 2x BP gain Unlocks smithing and mining tier 10
+3% Smithing Exp
+10% ore
+30% fish
Unlocks cerebral contracts Unlocks contract shop 4 +1n apothecary starting level
Reach Lunar Isle
BP H2oCash
BP OverlvlSpeed
BP BrewSpeed
BP APBonus
Forgotten Tongue H2O Money Bags Unspoken Words Mystic Botany Bubble Bubble AP Extravaganza
+15n% damage (cyan key unlock) +1% cash per H2O level over 100 +5n% damage (cyan key unlock) +5n% botany speed for each pots overlevel +8n% brew speed +10n% ap gain (cyan key unlock)
Reach Maelstrom
BP TPerkPoints
BP Contract9
BP BlueCrystal
BP Shop5
BP NewHeights
Rebirth PetExpertise
Extra H2O Tokens Lavathian Contract Blue Crystals Contract Shop 5 New Heights Derelict Warcry Pet Expertise
+1n extra training perk tokens Unlocks lavathian contracts +1n blue crystals Unlocks contract shop 5 Higher caps for some rebirth perks (H2O damage, BTQ1, BTQ2, H2O cash, brew speed) +20n% damage Increase exp gain for all 3 pet skills (cyan key unlock)
Reach Oblivion
Rebirth AllStar
All Star
Skilltree perks can be leveled to 0+ n, caps at 5

Infinity BP Perks

Once the Tree is fully upgraded, a Dairy Aisle order is obtained, Perkinator. It allows to limitlessly spend the points on two new perks. 

Rebirth Tribalism
Tribalism At Its Finest: Increases the level of all damage rebirth perks (Unspoken Words, Forgotten Tongue, Derelict Warcry) by +1n. 

Rebirth Possessed
Possesed Pets: +1n% pet travel speed.
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