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There are three forges available from which you can craft items; you start with one unlocked and can buy the other two. Every anvil has a charge which is consumed each time you craft an item on it. The number of available charges are displayed next to the anvil and selecting a forge will show how close you are to recovering a charge. Charges are recovered over time at a constant rate, regardless if you're on the Smithing screen or not.


Anvil Costs

Each forge has its own maximum number of charges, which must be upgraded seperately. However, each forge starts with a different number of charges.

Forge Unlock Cost Cost to Unlock Maximum Forge Charges
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
1 - 77K 106K 147K 237K 526K 1615K 5936K 24M 94M 377M 1519M
2 100K - 106K 147K 237K 526K 1615K 5936K 24M 94M 377M 1519M
3 5M - - - 237K 526K 1615K 5936K 24M 94M 377M 1519M

Charge Recovery

Infinity Forge

Infinity forge.png

There aren't many upgrades that decrease the recovery time on forge charges, making the time required to upgrade items the largest bottleneck in Smithing instead of resources. Therefore, it's highly recommended to spend the first 200 gems you acquire on the Infinity Forge, which completely bypasses the need for charges in addition to awarding +100% Smithing EXP. You may instead want to save 500 gems for the Gem Portal , and then after recovering 200 gems, buy the Infinity Forge. 

Forge Coupons

Forge coupon.png

If you don't have the gems to purchase the Infinity Forge, then there are Forge Coupons that have a rare chance to drop in Raids. These coupons recharge your anvils to the maximum amounts you've purchased, making them useful if you've depleted all of your charges. For best efficiency, use these when you've unlocked all three forges and a moderate amount of additional charges.

Smithing Items


There are eight tiers of craftable items, each requiring a different set of resources. Access to each crafting tier is unlocked every 10 levels.  

Tier Smithing Level Required Tier Smithing Level Required
Trainee 1 Master 50
Novice 10 Legend 60
Skilled 20 Godly 70
Adept 30 Warped 90
Virtuo 40 Djinn 120

Access to the final two tiers, Zaqqic and Gaxial, are unlocked with Construction upgrades.

Note: Charons Obol in Zaqqic tier is currently unused due to the Afterlife being unreleased.

Double Crafting

One of the last orange Mountains skill perks grants +20% chance to double craft per level, up to 100%. When successful, this perk allows you to craft two items for the cost of one, skipping the next upgrade cost and only consuming one forge charge.

When you've cleared The Mist and have unlocked the Skilltree Overcharge Ascension perk, the Double Crafting perk can be upgraded to 200% chance. Every % after 100% acts as "Triple Crafting", meaning you'll be able to craft three item upgrades for the cost one. Similar to before, this means upgrading an item will skip the next two upgrade costs and still only consume one forge charge.

When you've cleared Maelstrom and have unlocked the All Star Rebirth perk, the Double Crafting perk can be upgraded to 300% chance, allowing "Quadruple Crafting".

Smithing Break

When costs to craft an item reach about 1Q ore/fish (roughly), Smithing cost stops increasing normally and become set at a Smith Cost Cap. As you craft more of the item, the cost remains fixed at the cap, allowing you to craft massive amounts of items.

There are breakpoints where the Smith Cost Cap increases. A new Craft button appears that allows you to mass-craft items up to the next Smith Cost Cap breakpoint, or as many as you can afford. Note that using this craft button prevents you from gaining Smithing asylum traces.

Known breakpoints are:

Breakpoint Crafted Amount Base Craft Cost


1 Depends on smith cost reduc. 1Q
2 10k 2Q
3 50k 4Q
4 250k 8Q
5 1M 16Q
6 5M 32Q
7 25M 64Q

Note that when Infinite Perk 2 says "Lower smith cost cap", it's specifically referring to the Base Craft Cost after the smithing break. All of the breakpoint costs will be reduced by this perk.

Enigmatic Booster Post-break

While many crafts are fairly straightforward with obvious benefits, the Enigmatic Booster becomes exponentially more useful once its cost is capped, as the huge price scaling makes it merely a minor benefit in early to mid game. However, once the breakpoint is reached, its value rapidly inflates, allowing you to get absurd boosts to AP, Fish, and Monster Kills. Of course, it goes without saying that if you haven't unlocked the secrets that the Enigmatic Booster boosts, stop what you're doing and go unlock them.

Once you're able to reliably get about 1QQ mined ore with relatively little time spent, you should make mass-crafting Enig Booster a priority. It alone will allow you to reach Kills per Hour no other boost at that stage in the game will.

Crafted Benefit Caps

While many crafted items are able to scale quite a bit, certain items have their benefits capped. Some items will continue to increase in number, even though their benefit cap is reached, however others won't, such as the Reps crafts. Do note, however, that whether the benefit cap or the crafted number cap is reached, resources will still continue to be consumed if you try to keep crafting them.

Craft Name Effect Cap Craft Amount Reached
Fast Reps +25K% Rep Speed 50K
Rapid Reps +50K% Rep Speed 50K
Turbo Reps +100K% Rep Speed 50K
Gotta Go Fast +150K% Rep Speed 50K
BP Straight Up +1K BP When Rebirthing
Tin Pail Tree +6K% Botany Growth Speed
Crystal Supremacy +20% Crystal Bonuses
Ensouled Head +10 Kills per Kill
Righteous Rift +70% Less XP Needed
Mythical Serfdom +4K% Tilling Land Exp
Normie Rocks +20% Crystal Bonuses
Cyber F Series +2.5K% Shields Every Fishwich Bite
Cyber J Series +4K% Shields Every Noodles Bite

Crafting List

Smithing Boosts

Crafting an item from higher tiers awards more EXP per upgrade than lower tiers. There are also ways to increase the amount of EXP earned and smithing starting levels.

Smithing EXP

  • One orange skill perk that grants crafting +20% more EXP per level, up to 200%.
  • 5 Cards that increase Smithing EXP from crafting, up to 400%.
  • The Infinity Forge bonus the Gem Shop increases Smithing EXP by 100%.

Smithing Levels

  • The 4th item from Shop 2 in Contracts grants +1 level per purchase (up to 10 levels).
  • Gift shop painting from Raids increases starting level and reduces EXP required to level.
  • The Skill Max Ascension perk grants +1 level to Smithing per purchase.
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