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In Spelunking, you acquire a variety of Treasure, which you use to improve your delvers, buy Construction upgrades or other things throughout the game. You can have up to 8 Spelunkers, who can perform two actions under Delve menu; Jump or Learn.


Bags have three stats:

Value icon Value: bags become higher rarity every power of 10 Value. Upgrading Value stat and Learning perk #2 on spelunkers increases its gain rate.

Treasure icon Treasure: what type of Treasure is in the bag and its quantity.

Rare chance icon Rare Chance: every Treasure in a bag has a low chance to become a Treasure one tier higher, as indicated by the gold star percentage. This phenomenon can stack upon itself, resulting in a Treasure two tiers higher. The final two Treasures, The Mark and Temper Obol can only be acquired through Rare Chance. There are four Spelunking Cards that can improve these odds.

Value Bag Treasure Name


Bag 1 T coin Coin
1k Bag 2 T ore veins Ore Veins
10k Bag 3 T crown Crown
100k Bag 4 T candle Candle
1M Bag 5 T heavy bars Heavy Bars
10M Bag 6 T starlight Starlight
100M Bag 7 T wealth obol Wealth Obol
1B Bag 8 T music note Music Note
10B Bag 9 T diamond Diamond
100B Bag 10 T maybe soap Maybe Soap
1T Bag 11 T silver booty Silver Booty
10T Bag 12 T champ cup Champ Cup
100T Bag 13 T shrapnel Shrapnel
1Q Bag 14 T frozen obol Frozen Obol
10Q Bag 15 T irish clover Irish Clover
100Q Bag 16 T octagox Octagox
1QQ Sack mach 1 T cristils Cristils
10QQ Sack mach 2 T leaf ring Leaf Ring
100QQ Sack mach 3 T geode Geode
1 Sack mach 4 T jade Jade
10 Sack mach 5 T calming obol Calming Obol
100 Sack mach 6 T blobbish Blobbish
1k Sack mach 7 T ruby Ruby
10k Sack mach 8 T prime meat Prime Meat
100k Sack mach 9 T scroll Scroll
1M Sack mach 10 T sigil Sigil
T the mark The Mark
T temper obol

Temper Obol

Sack Mach 10 is the highest tier bag that can be found, but 11, 12, 13, etc. can still be found every power of 10 Value - each slightly increases the amount of drops. This means Sigil is the highest type of Treasure that can regularly drop. The final two Treasures, The Mark and Temper Obol can only be acquired through Rare Chance.

NOTE: Currently the higher Mach number the bag is, the less Rare Chance it has. You might want to stop at some of the earlier ones for more drops of The Mark and Temper Obol.


Jump will send the spelunker to explore a tunnel. Along the way, they will pick up loot and store it in their bag. At any time, you can press Extract to make the spelunker return and open their bag of loot. Once they reach the end of their tunnel, another option becomes available. Choosing to Dig Down will sacrifice any loot they have found to increase the length of their tunnel. Spelunkers depend on 3 stats during their Jumps:

  • Value - the bag value grows faster, so he finds rarer bags sooner.
  • Speed - he moves faster through the tunnel, reaching lower depth sooner.
  • Dig - once he reaches the end of the tunnel, he can Dig Down for more depth.

The following is a list of ways to improve Spelunking:

  • upgrading Spelunkers,
  • Desolators (Gem Shop purchase)
  • Sitty Chair (Construction, Yellow Domain)
  • Tinkering gear with 3 stats unlocked
  • Cards
  • Darkmode potions


Aside from digging through the tunnels, a Spelunker can be learning to gain various perks, which improves their performance. Every time the progress bar fills, he accumulates knowledge in form of points. You can Absorb anytime to reset his learning progress and gain levels in the perks. Super Absorb - you can pay Gems to use this function up to 3 times per Absorb. When you do, the Spelunker gains levels in his perks as if he Absorbed, but the learning progress is not reset. A Canary allows to Super Absorb once for free every Absorb.

No. Perk Bonus Max Learning required (single) Learning required (cumulative)
1 Basic Swiftness Basic Swiftness Speed increased by 10% per level - 144 144
2 Value Town Value Town Treasure bag value increased by X% - 576 720
3 Big Brained Big Brained Learning rate increased by X% 200% 720 1440
4 Diggy Hole Diggy Hole Dig down amount increased by 5% per level - 1400 2840
5 Craaazy Skull Craaazy Skull Gain X% more Spelunking EXP from this guy 100% 2700 5540
6 Extra Baggage Extra Baggage Treasure bags hold X% more treasure items 500% 3000 8540
7 Were Goin Down Were Goin Down X% Dig down multiplier (all spelunkers) - 5700 14240
8 Sacks On Sacks Sacks On Sacks Gain X extra bags with Y% value of previous 2 / 60% 7200 21440
9 Galaxy Brained Galaxy Brained X% Learn rate multiplier (all spelunkers) 40% 8600 30040
10 Obol Blessing Obol Blessing +0.1% dig down & +0.1% speed per Spelunk lvl per level - 10000 40040
11 Sanic Speed Sanic Speed X% speed multiplier (all spelunkers) 150% 11000 51040
12 Shiny Is Good Shiny Is Good Each treasure is worth 4% more - 12000 63040
13 Hey Look Ma Hey Look Ma Rare treasures are X% more likely 250% 14000 77040
14 Hammer Time Hammer Time Building speed boosted by X% 50% 33000 110040

The following is a list of ways to improve Learning:

  • Learning perk #3 and #9
  • Canary (Gem Shop purchase)
  • Ni Ni Shrubbery (Construction, Green Domain)
  • Tinkering gear with 3 stats unlocked
  • Cards (Teehee (Oblivion), Wawawoo (Crusade 15), Heavy Bars, Frozen Obel, Cristils, and Temper Obol (Spelunking))
  • Darkmode potions (Knowitall,  Cup Of Calm, and Jug Of Storm)
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