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You can purchase Rifts with souls acquired from Spiriting. These rifts immediately provide benefits, but their effectiveness grows over time as their level increases. Rifts level up each time the Glyphs they summon are fully cycled from top to bottom. You can increase the efficiency this is done by spending more souls to level up their Value and Speed variables. Value increases the amount of Glyph EXP awarded to level up Rifts and also adds to the amount of Summoning EXP periodically gained that helps to unlock higher tier Rifts sooner. Speed increases the rate Glyphs are produced and the rate their summoning cycles are completed.

Pro Rifts

Each rift (except for Gem Rift) can have a secondary effect, unlocked through Construction. These effects are permanent, they do not reset with Ascension or Rebirth, though the rifts must be re-purchased for them to activate. To upgrade these bonuses, two types of resource are used:

  • Pink Souls - converted from White Souls via Machines, requires Pink Printer construction,
  • Treasures - gained through Spelunking.
Gold Coin Rift
Coin rift
NORMAL Gives cash based on current Fighting enemy PRO 1.X cash gain increase for every 10 rift levels
Pro coin rift
Cost to Unlock - - Max Bonus 1.5x increase
Level Req. 1 Unlock Req. Level 1 Rift Pro
Water Rift
Water rift

Boosts all offline and away H2O earned by 15% + 3% per level

PRO H2O exp required goes up slower when you level up
Pro water rift
Cost to Unlock 10xRed soul Max Bonus by 10.23% per level
Level Req. 10 Unlock Req. Level 2 Rift Pro
Power Rift
Power rift
NORMAL Boosts all damage dealt by 20% + 5% per level PRO Boosts all pet damage dealt
Pro power rift
Cost to Unlock 300xRed soul     20xOrange soul Max Bonus by 153%
Level Req. 20 Unlock Req. Level 3 Rift Pro
Health Rift
Health rift
NORMAL Boosts maximum HP 16% + 4% per level PRO Boosts max pet HP
Pro health rift
Cost to Unlock 400xOrange soul     25xYellow soul Max Bonus by 191%
Level Req. 30 Unlock Req. Level 4 Rift Pro
Mining Rift
Mining rift
NORMAL Boosts offline and away ores and EXP gained by 20% + 5% per level PRO Mining exp required goes up slower when you level up
Pro mining rift
Cost to Unlock 400xYellow soul     3xBlue soul Max Bonus by 25.74% per level
Level Req. 40 Unlock Req. Level 5 Rift Pro
Attack Speed Rift
Atk speed rift
NORMAL Boosts idle attack speed by 13% + 5% per level PRO Boosts builder and machine speed
Pro atk speed rift
Cost to Unlock 500xGreen soul     5xPurple soul Max Bonus by 152.4%
Level Req. 50 Unlock Req. Level 1 Rift God
Shield Rift
Spirit rift
NORMAL Boosts maximum shield charge by 15% + 5% per level PRO Get more asylum traces from both bosses and skills
Pro shield rift
Cost to Unlock 200xBlue soul     20xPurple soul Max Bonus by 227.8%
Level Req. 60 Unlock Req. Level 2 Rift God
Mega AP Rift
Ap rift
NORMAL Boosts AP gained on Ascension by 25% + 5% per level PRO Increases BP gained each rebirth
Pro ap rift
Cost to Unlock 80xPurple soul     5xWhite soul Max Bonus by 226.9%
Level Req. 70 Unlock Req. Level 3 Rift God
Rift Rift
Summon rift
NORMAL Boosts the level of each Rift by 1 per level PRO Rift Rift has a chance to trigger twice
Pro rift rift
Cost to Unlock 700MxRed soul     15xWhite soul Max Bonus 22.9% chance
Level Req. 80 Unlock Req. Level 4 Rift God
Gem Rift
Gem rift
Generates 1500 Gems over 10 days
Cost to Unlock

500Loot Gemin Gem Shop

Level Req. 1

Summoning Boosts

Summoning Level

  • 4 Cards that increase Summoning EXP chance, up to 320%.
  • The 4th Shop 2 item from Contracts grants up to 10 levels to Summoning.
  • Gift shop painting from Raids increase starting level and reduces EXP required to level.
  • The Skill Max Ascension perk grants +1 level to Summoning per purchase.
  • The Double Summon EXP bonus from the Gem Shop grants 100% more Summoning EXP per purchase.

Rift Levels

  • Two blue skill perks that increase Rift's speed by 5% per level (up to 50%) and increases Rift EXP amount by 5% per level (up to 50%).
  • 4 Cards that increase Rift EXP amount gained, up to 440%.
  • At Summoning level 80, the Rift Rift increases every other Rift level by its own level.
  • The Rift Kickstarter Ascension perk adds +1 level to every Rift per purchase.
  • The Overclocked Glyphs bonus from the Gem Shop grants 50% more Rift EXP every cycle per purchase.
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