There are 4 different training areas, the first of which is the Gym that is unlocked by default. The other three, Attack Dojo, Strength Mountain, and Endurance Field can be unlocked through Perks. Each area has 5 skillers with the first skiller already unlocked, while the other four can be unlocked once you reach the required H2O level and a cost of some coins.

Each skiller has two upgrade options: Value & Speed. Value increases potential skill EXP and H2O EXP earned per repetition. Speed increases the speed at which repetitions are made. Skill EXP increases the level of the specific skill while H2O EXP increases the H2O level.

Each skill provides some stats per level. Attack increases accuracy, but it also provides 8 base damage and a 4% damage boost per level. Strength focuses purely on damage, providing 25 base damage and a 10% damage boost per level. Endurance provides health and 2 base damage per level. Each level gained in both skills and H2O level also provides some progress towards a Perk Point.

Increasing the H2O level is still a good idea even after you've unlocked all the skillers, as the first set of ascension perks provide a buff that increases in effectiveness based on the H2O level.

Gym Small gym icon

Skiller Benching Fighting Pushups Squats Situps
Skill Strength Attack Endurance Strength Endurance
H20 Req. 0 4 10 14 20
Gold Cost 0 5000 50000 375K 2500K

Attack Dojo Small dojo icon

Skiller Assassin Swordsman Killer Bandit Streetz
Skill Attack Attack Attack Attack Attack
H20 Req. 0 7 16 23 32
Gold Cost 0 10000 50000 250K 1250K

Strength Mountain Small strength icon

Skiller Boulder Chopchop Laborer Bender Rockman
Skill Strength Strength Strength Strength Strength
H20 Req. 0 7 16 23 32
Gold Cost 0 10000 50000 250K 1250K

Endurance Fields Small fields icon

Skiller Running Waiting Sleeping Feaster Gamer
Skill Endurance Endurance Endurance Endurance Endurance
H20 Req. 0 7 16 23 32
Gold Cost 0 10000 50000 250K 1250K

Training Perks

Training Perks are unlocked trough Ascension and Rebirth. To use them it is required to reach a certain amount of Training skiller upgrades. To see your current total skiller level, click the T-Perk you have selected to unselect it. Training Perk points are earned through Ascension and Rebirth perks as well as 1 point for each 3 H2O levels. Training Perks persist through Ascension and Rebirth but spent points are reset. They can also be reset by spending 20 Gems or one time for free each Ascension/Rebirth. Each Training Perk can be upgraded to a maximum level of 99.

Training Perk Unlock Effect Minimum T-Perk Cost
TPerk Damage1 AP TPerk Lock 1k 5% Damage, 10% Accuracy 22M Cash
TPerk Health TPerk Lock 2k 1% Health per endurance level 890M Cash
TPerk Cash TPerk Lock 4k 15% Cash 480B Cash
TPerk Resources Lock-4 8% Ore and Fish, 5% Mining exp 370T Cash
TPerk Crusaders Lock-5 1 Inactive crusader 37QQ Cash
TPerk BrewSpeed1 Lock-6 12% Brew speed 590KK Plasma
TPerk Damage2 BP Lock-7 20% Damage, 5% Accuracy 950B Plasma
TPerk Crops Lock-8 10% Crops gained 2QQ Plasma
TPerk Rift Lock-9 2% Chance for rift level up 22 Lava
TPerk BrewSpeed2 Lock-10 25% Brew speed 300K Lava
TPerk BP Lock-11 2% BP on rebirth 5B Lava
Tperk RP Lock-12 2% Tank RP Gain 56T Lava
TPerk Traces Lock-13 2% non-Boss traces 770Q Lava
TPerk Damage3 Lock-14 50% Damage 150k Dimensional
TPerk Kills Lock-15 2% Kills/Kill 350Q Dimensional
TPerk Chain Lock-16 0.1% Chain level up chance 3000QQ Post-Dimensional
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